Kevin Rayhons aka KRAYhONS presents Punk Psychedelic - A set of videos, projections, and other works infused with pop internet culture and spawned from psychedelic imagery and ideals.

A frenetic feast for the senses and the senseless - scooped from our fevered grayware with a psychic ice-cream scoop, blended on "liquify" with gobbets of pop culture right NOW, the walls become spattered with light and art; the air electrifried with a cacophony of sound and energy for your pleasure.

For this performance, imagery is punkishly appropriated from various sources of our modern culture on the internet: tumblr,, youtube, classic gaming and sci-fi - then tossed together with live video mixing with a high energy pace and a psychedelic blending. Accompanying sound is provided by Louie Chavez aka Mickey House.

"The overload of images that intertwines to form a pattern of undecipherable yet familiar information streaming to the viewer’s brain."
-- Art Magazine SA, March 2012 (www) (pdf)

Samples (youtube)

 Punk Psychedelic   Punk Psychedelic