A friend of mine once told me, "An artist is like a snail." Like a snail creating its shell, an artist absorbs from their environment and creates. Like the snail, my work usually develops from pieces of the world around me, sometimes finding significance in the seemingly most insignificant objects. I often take in everyday objects and present them in different ways, elevating them into a mystical realm, outer space, or up on an ethereal pedestal for admiration and worship.

The streets of Tokyo are eerily deserted at five in the morning, when Kevin and a fellow photographer would wake and explore as well as photograph the city. These works are created from composites of photos taken from Kevin’s journey to Tokyo in June of 2007. After he returned, he reflected on the visit and the ideas, concepts, and images that he associated with Japan both before and after his visit; as well as modern and traditional Japanese art and artists.

Acrylic, Acrylic Transfer of Inkjet Prints on Panel.
All Works 17x17x2"