This is the second series of work based off my memories of my visit to Japan and the photos that were taken there. The streets of Tokyo are filled with manga, or cartoon, characters. They're on billboards, fliers, posters, shops, walls, menus - just about everywhere. It seems that a business cannot exist without having some sort of manga character as a mascot. Even the police stations and the post offices have manga characters that represent them. Originally photos of manga characters found in and around the streets of Tokyo, this series of work takes those images and combines them with pages from Japanese manga books along with optical illusions (inspired from a book by a Japanese author) and turns them into kaleidoscopic mosaics.

I'm drawn to repetition and pattern, echoes and reverbs. Melodies and jingles; chords and sweeps. Fractals and spirals; illusions and explosions. These things can entrance me, draw me in, focus me, calm me or even excite me.

My art is influenced greatly by these things that surround us - the weed that grows in our yards, music that we hear, the games we play, the books and comics we read, even the commercials we see - I appropriate these images, symbols, and icons that surround and saturate our lives and convert them into a rich visual experience.

However we are already bombarded with these constantly and with little escape - they are so ingrained in our lives. But by repeating an image across a field, the single image becomes abstracted, a pattern emerges, and a structure is revealed. The work becomes an echo of the images and ideas I encounter, each one reflecting and bouncing off another to emerge as a rich kaleidoscopic vision of the world that surrounds us. Thus, the instantaneously recognizable or chaotic images they once were cease to be, and develop into part of a calm and meditative form.

Manga, Acrylic, and Acrylic-transfers of Archival Inkjet prints on panel.